I thank you sincerely in taking time to visit my world of thoughts and share/relive my passionate moments/thoughts.

Here are some simple tit bits about me:

I am an young professional who loves finding pleasure and contentment in simple things. I enjoy socializing and maintaining an organized life. I am thankful for the virtues of Character, Compassion and Friendship which I owe to my family and friends. Professionally, I enjoy my challenges designing electronics to create innovative products.

I enjoy adventure (hiking, parasailing) and traveling a lot- been to many exciting places: Vegas, Orlando, LA, NY, Dubai, Singapore,India.I still would luv to travel places & learn exciting cultures. I always think there is something exciting to learn about every country and it’s culture

I spend my leisure time having fun in any sports/game activities – Blackjack, Ping Pong, Bowling.. I enjoy watching National and College Football (Football here signifies American Football).The passion, excitement and unity shown by these players ignites my emotions and I luv their commitment.My love and interest also extends to activities like Theater, Music, Dancing etc. – loved learning Salsa  & playing a role in a murder mystery play.

Apart from sports, my biggest leisure activities are Movies n Books – need to admit, am a big movie fanatic. Occasionally,I spend weekends with relaxed activities – cooking new recipes, watching TV or catching up with friends/relatives.



  1. Interesting person with lot of Optimism towards life!

    • Thanks for the compliment. Appreciate it 🙂

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