Posted by: viksav | March 25, 2009

Life Partner – Dreams♥♥♥ Reality!!! What do we all wish???

Do I have an ideal partner??? This thought can be intriguing to a bubbly and zealous 18 years old teen; to a blossoming and audacious 30 year old professional; and also, to a mature and wise 60 year old retiree. Discussions on ideal partner can be a never ending topic with perspectives and parallels offered by young and wise that it can be overwhelming for those in search of the IDEAL one.

I have been one of those unfortunate one’s who was barged from all corners with words of wisdom…as deemed by those who preached. On compiling the two cent’s worth of all the wise men, it confused me that some believed in “Mutual respect, Accommodate, Encourage…” while some preferred “Control, Preach, Demand…” as roots for a successful marriage. Even just considering all the positive qualities can bemuse anyone while prioritizing them in order of importance.

Anyways…as my thoughts wandered and spun around this topic, I recalled a great discussion with my friend during my college days. Ha-ha…yes, as 21 year old what else can be a good topic to talk about but this…”What qualities are important in my life partner?” It was an interesting discussion and it was fun at the beginning as we started listing as Sexy, hour-glass figure, tall, very fair etc. but I really liked the list that came out of our deliberation. We called it 5 H’s, and planned to seek those qualities in our search.

Humility, Honesty, Heart, Humor and Head.

Interestingly, both of us prioritized the qualities in the same order of importance as seen above. It’s been a while since we last talked about this but frankly even after entering professional world, mature and wiser, I have not deviated much on those priorities. I know it is different at the “time of decision”, as families and their preferences play a more influential part on one’s decision. But, alas, it is not easy for the families to recognize the existence of these qualities before influencing their decision.

It will be nice to know the general perspective of people, who have their own ideas and thoughts. But before I leave, I guess I am answerable as to what the above qualities really mean and how they came up in our discussion. Here it goes….

Humility: We analyzed that in any relation, friendship or marital, “ego: the sound of –I”, always is the slow poison that brings an end to the blissful moments. The moment any person starts believing – “I can think only right… I can do only right…what I see is right…and I am the best”, it is the beginning of doom in every aspect – be it career or marital relationship.

We concluded that as life partners if we can humbly acknowledge each other thoughts without any qualms, accept each other shortcomings without disdain and approach each other for solace it will help in invigorating the relationship into a strong marital bliss.

Honesty: There is an absolute need to be honest at the commencement of a relationship. Being honest about one’s social, professional, personal and family life will only help in understanding each others lifestyle, goals, ideals and commitments.

Fear of repercussions in short term, is always a major factor in one’s decision to cross the line of honesty. But alas, as time will tell, a relationship that starts/continues with dishonesty hardly stands a chance to go all the way to marital bliss.

Thus, it demands a lot of will power from one to be honest to their new life partner, but, if one can draw that courage, marital bliss is sure to follow.

Heart: We here were referring to…Love, Affection & Romance. In this fast paced world with each of us tangled in professional, social and personal commitments, it becomes imperative as life partners to able to fill each others life with love and affection. It always helps for anyone to have a shoulder to rest, an ear to hear and a smile that will bring serenity.

Romance also plays a big part in marital relationship and often partners tend to lose it after few years of marriage. It is never too late to express your romantic feelings and each of us always cherish n luv to be an eye candy of someone.

Humor: All of us can be easily bogged down with activities around our lives by day and night. Sometimes it becomes so mechanical that, with a little retrospect, we will realize we have become machines – jobs, careers, marriage, kids, savings, family etc…. Life can easily turn into a nightmare due to unfortunate circumstances or misfortune.

It will help immensely to have a life partner who can bring humor in any given point of life, as a smile can give you immense strength to overcome any adversity. It is always nice to “Live n Smile for the Day” – then, nothing will seem to be impossible to achieve.

Head: It becomes practical in this modern world to have a life partner who can think positively. A life partner who is intelligent & well educated can easily communicate effectively in public and also raise one’s family with focus on education and morals.

An educated family is always well respected among friends and community; and, those life partners who are intelligent & educated always think progressively and resolve issues in a rational manner.



  1. Good Analysis! Hope you have got the right partner 🙂

    • lol..guess I have been analyzing too wonder I am still Single 🙂
      In any case…would luv to see my ideal partner soon and in return I should also try to live up to her expectations.

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