Posted by: viksav | February 28, 2009

Hello world!

It will be a great pleasure to share my passionate moments in life. A world that is so big as ours gives us all an opportunity to share, learn and relive moments of our lives that will only add more meaning to our mere existence.

I am 29 and the journey I have been through is nothing less exciting than a roller coaster ride and  it has taught me innumerable lessons of life. I believe and am sure it will be no less exciting as I plunge into my next phase of life in a world full of opportunities, passions and glorified moments. The best part of our lives is the “Uncertainty” that is involved in every next minute we breathe.

Today, I spent considerable amount of time retrospecting my last 29 years.  The sweet moments of young life, the adventurous activities 0f teen life, the memorable moments of graduating years and the pulsating life of  my professional career brought a bliss to my heart as I flipped through letters, autograph books, pictures and videos. It was great reliving those moments and I really wished I could share this with someone.

With these thoughts in mind, I suddenly realized the great potential in blogging wherein I can have an opportunity to connect and share with people around the world. Also, I have to admit, another inspiration for me to start blogging is my visit to a blog site of a person . As I read the article, that explained the “world of thoughts” emotionally felt by the  person on that particular day, it transformed me in to that person’s world and I felt I was living and enjoying those moments along with the person.

This transformed my thoughts that blogging is waste of time and it gave me an inspiration to share my experiences, thus give an opportunity to a small percentage of world who would like to relive those moments.


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